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Design a Powerpoint Sales Presentation

Here are a few things to avoid in sales presentation design.

• Poorly structured stories

Killer stories are well-structured stories. If you’re noticing a rampant barrage of stories that don’t go anywhere, you have a clear problem. Your staff doesn’t understand how to build a story from the ground up.

• Multiple messages

Sadly, many PowerPoint presentations suffer from lack of clarity. You’ve seen it. Multiple messages do not focus an audience. They just produce a fuzzy blur. People aren’t sure what the point was.

• Bullet-point insanity

Showing everything in a vast ocean of bullet points is a recipe for distraction. Audiences struggle to connect with the key concepts. But they get lost in the endless onslaught of bullet points.

• Too much data

Some presenters redirect their information into different types of data charts. From pie charts to plotted lines…it can still overwhelm the audience without revealing any insights.

• Random illustrations

Seeking to balance all the bullet points, some professionals drop in photos, illustrations or cartoons at random. This might provide some visual

Hiring B2B Telemarketers

If telemarketing is considered the backbone of a business then telemarketers or phone marketers are the lifeblood of the company. This means. these people are the ones who fuel the company to keep growing. But the thing is, you should not only hire any telemarketer easily since you can’t expect just anybody can handle the phone and get good results. Always take into account that an important component for your successful B2B telemarketing company is searching and employing the right type of people.

Once your firm has a clear view of its goals, the next step would be to develop and consider a specific role for the telemarketers that you would hire for your lead generation program. After developing the role for your future representatives, you will then want to determine which would be the right skills and personality for your soon to be agents in order to fulfill their roles and meet the overall objectives of your firm. For you to meet these requirements, try to answer these questions before hiring applicants.

Will the personnel that you hire have that certain level

Lead Management

The two truths about businesses without a doubt are, to start a business you need capital and to keep it going you need leads. It goes without saying how important leads are for businesses and hence it is very necessary and quite essential for the business to have an efficient Lead Management system to ensure maximum productivity from the Leads Generation process with the least amount of wastage. Hence each and every business has some kind of Lead Management process in place to maintain a certain level of profitable productivity. There is an important need to track of prospect customers, current clients and other sales details and very imperative to have a system in place to help assist you with this. It is manually next to impossible to keep track of all these details and hence automated Lead Management software is quite a trending topic in the world of leads. This management software is nothing more than just an application that will help you organize and keep track of your leads in a manner that is customized to

Ways to Make Buyers Buy

1.Get a better font – if you are going to send your prospects an e-mail or brochure about your company, you better be sure that your font style is saying what you want. Studies show that ornate, cursive font styles often turn off prospects because of their perception that you are not efficient, or that you are slow. That is not something you would not want your prospects to think about you, right? In order for you to grab that sales lead, better clean up your letterings.

2.No Dollar signs, please – another turn off that has been seen in recent times is the emphasis of some people, especially those in business to be price conscious. They tend to become less willing to spend when they see a currency sign, or even a decimal point. Try omitting these (just make sure that you can clarify your charges easily with them) and you can get more prospects willing to spend on your business.

3.Engage the senses – sometimes, you just have to get to their senses. This is especially true if you are directing them to your business

Sales Goals

These are the parts you need to put together your sales goals:

Know what you want. I mean know exactly what you want. You have to have an exactly defined target/goal, or you’ll just be flailing away only hoping you hit it.

You need to believe from the beginning you can achieve your goal. If you don’t totally believe with every fabric of your being that it can be made, it probably won’t be.

Once you believe your goal is reachable you must ingrain that goal by writing it down, and saying it out loud over and over again. You must do this every day. Yes, you may look and sound silly to yourself, but you will be the one laughing your way to the bank.

You need to know your numbers – it must be measureable. If you want to make $20,000 in commissions in a month, what will it take to get that?

How many prospects?

How many calls?

How many appointments?

How many opportunities of what value?

Your sales cycle may be 30, 60, 90, or more days. So, if your product’s average sale cycle is

Ways to Lose a Sale

1. Eat while talking on the phone! This will definitely help you lose a sale! Instead: Don’t eat while talking on the phone. This lends true to all telemarketers, quick follow-up calls, returning client calls-anytime you are on the phone with a prospect or a client, make sure your mouth is empty. Even chewing gum creates a distracting sound for someone on the other end of the line. When your mouth is full of food it becomes difficult to understand your words, the chewing sound is gross and annoying, and it is blatantly obvious that whoever you’re on the phone with is less important than your turkey sandwich.

2. Assume you know better than the customer. It never works when you act superior or smarter than the person you’re trying to work with. Instead: Practice excellent customer service! Listen to your prospect or client. Really hear what they like, don’t like, need and want. Follow their lead and allow them to direct the conversation. However, remember you are an expert in your field and know your services and products. After you completely understand your prospects needs and expectations,

Methods of Lead Generation

Now, what are these methods?

First in the list is telemarketing, which is also known as cold calling. Even though a lot of people are not happy with cold calling services and have registered to do-not-call list, the phone remains to be the most powerful tool to generate sales leads. It can perform the most direct and flexible approach in the job.

Live seminars are a good idea. They provide you the chance to advertise the latest product and services that you may want to offer. This is also a good means for you to increase your market visibility by organizing these events. In this way, more people will be aware with what you are offering. It can also help create a professional impression on your prospects about your company.

Print advertising also plays a huge role in the lead generation process. If done correctly, then it can be a very effective tool in reaching out to the most number of prospects. You can create presentable and professional print advertisements about your company and what you are capable of doing. Of course, this will all depend

Contradiction of Low Sales And High Profits

In 2010 the sales of motorcycles for Harley-Davidson have dropped – this being the third consecutive year. It does not seem likely that a change for the better is in the offing. But despite the dry spell, the profits for the company are increasing – in fact it is soaring. Very recently profit of $71 million was reported during the second quarter – it being three times more than the previous year during the same period.

Apparently dropping sales and increasing profits seem to be a contradiction. The mood in Wall Street is bubbling in sharp contrast to the gloom in families facing unemployment that is giving no indication of retreating.

Many firms are concentrating on cutting costs to keep the profits swelling. The benefits are generally being reaped by the shareholders; nothing is diverted to the general economy as the businesses save cash without propping up either hiring or production.

For instance Harley has declared that it will cut jobs by more than 1,400 or 1,600 by the close of 2011. Last year 2,000 jobs have already been sliced off – it being over a fifth of its total work force.

Important for The Success of Salesperson

Our sales training experts have been “the fly on the wall” for a considerable number of sales teams all through their sales negotiations. As the consequence of these observations, they’ve discovered three criteria that are crucial for the success of your salesman. This posting describes the three factors as well as the explinations behind them.

The first thing is what potential buyers and sellers talk about during the selling discussion. The question of who speaks most throughout the discussion is relatively unimportant. The effective sales man makes it her purpose to discuss with the buyer about the products he wishes the customer to buy, and he’s all set to take as long as is necessary to go over the issues.

Fundamentally, there are two sorts of discussion – sales discussions and non-sales discussions. During selling discussions, the parties involved focus on commercial matters they usually talk first and foremost the topics, which the salesman raises. In non-selling discussions, sellers and potential buyers discuss a lot of things, but not about the products or issues, which are at the center of a business arrangement. They discuss the deliver date or invoicing arrangements; they have a chat concerning

Employing Telesales Staff

The job market is tough at the moment for people looking for telesales jobs. Employers may find that, although the number of applicants can be daunting, the situation can actually be used to their advantage. With more people applying for jobs in general, applicants of telesales jobs has increased, so there are more people to choose from. The perfect candidates are looking for telesales jobs right now, the trouble is just sifting through the misspelt C.Vs to find them.

Here is a guide to finding the right people to fill your telesales jobs, whether they are abroad or in the UK. Advertise in relevant places. Advertising for professionals alongside non-professional jobs on the official job centre website or in a newspaper may produce more responses, but many of these will be timewasters. Consider advertising your telesales jobs through a specialist recruitment agency, who will show your position to a targeted suitable audience, saving you time.

If you are advertising telesales jobs abroad the internet is the easiest way to reach a worldwide audience. Telesales relies on personality. If you are personally looking through candidates’ C.Vs, or carrying out interviews, you’ll want to observe that they have

The Benefits of a Wholesale Dealer

The benefits that a wholesale dealer gets vary from one dealer to another though some of these benefits do become common to some of them. It is important to take note, however, that these benefits could be attributed to two factors, the manufacturers and the resellers or retailers.

One of the benefits of a wholesale dealer is that you get to provide consumer products such as cellular phones to the buyer in your business. In this case, the buyer is your retailer or reseller. You get to purchase from manufacturers and the end-result is that you provide these consumer products to retailers directly. These retailers or resellers need not worry if they will be able to get or acquire different products from the manufacturer because you are the primary reason why they have these things and are able to provide to the direct masses or people.

You might have been wondering why is it that retailers or resellers do not make direct transactions and they need to rely on wholesale dealers. The primary transaction that retailers do involves minor selling and these retailers usually buy in small quantities. Since the purchases that they make are in

Secret of Clients That Must Know to Increase Sales

Here is a checklist that you must keep in mind before every sales conversation. It is applicable to all sales conversations whether you are a coach, consultant, travel agent, or plumber. When giving estimates for a particular service, enrolling clients into your programs, or selling valuable products to clients, you must keep these in mind to increase your sales conversion:

1. Do your clients see you as a Problem Solver? This is the #1 Secret Thought your potential clients are having about you. If your potential client is convinced that you have the best solution to the problem they need solved, then they will put their money down and hire you. If the solution you offer has no urgency or is something that they can delay to another time, then they will say no.

2. Do your clients see you as an expert? When talking to you, clients are secretly assessing your knowledge and commitment levels. They must see, hear, and feel your confidence in and passion for what you do. If you are distracted or lackluster in your communication with them, you will not get the

The Benefits of a Lead Nurturing

The process of Lead Nurturing is the one businesses use to develop queries into prospect leads. It maintains the very fragile relationship between the business and its customers through constant engagement in communication. When done right Lead Nurturing can help convert prospect leads into sales ready customers. It creates a strong bond between the business and its potential customers with the target in mind to get those potential customers towards a successful completion and through the complexities involved in completing a sale.

Persistent and quality communication is the key to achieve a good number of sales conversions and hence Lead Nurturing processes cannot be ignored or taken lightly. With the added benefits from the use of the internet, businesses now have an improved medium of communication via email services. With the rise of social media platforms there is a tremendous improvement in marketing your products and services added to that is the fact that now your products have an easier access towards being marketed over a global platform through several communities that you may not have been able to reach before.

Time, effort and resources are spent

Sales Team Training Meetings

One activity that is part of running a direct sales business is to hold regular team training meetings. As the owner of the business, you would hope that your team would be motivated to come to the meetings just to take in the helpful information that you will be offering. But the thought of a team sales meeting can work to de-motivate sales people if they are not fun. Making sure that your team meetings are fun so that the consultants continue to come back is essential. If there is one thing that your team will not tolerate is a boring team meeting. That is why you should consider using themes for your next meeting.

When you use a theme for your team training meeting, you build anticipation for the meeting among your sales people. Preparing for a theme can also make the meeting more fun for you. When you send out the invitations to the team sales meeting, use that moment to plant the seeds of anticipation for your upcoming training session. “Fight the Tumbleweeds” Meeting Theme Generating revenue during traditionally slow parts of the year can

Telemarketing for Appointment Setting

Business enterprises nowadays are obviously in a very tight bind. The world is still recovering from the effects of the US financial crisis and this makes it even more difficult for companies today to be up and run smoothly. As we all know, tough times call for tough measures. And speaking about tough measures, searching for an advertising model that will snatch an appointment setting for the firm is probably one of the most common. But of course it has to be the one that will cost less and yet still be able to produce the same quality of results. Fortunately, we do have one. It’s been around for many years, and yet it’s been the most misunderstood. It’s called telemarketing.

Many people these days view telemarketing with a heavy dose of disdain. It really can’t be helped. Telemarketing got a bad reputation with the people as a disturber of the peace, and it’s a perception that is hard to shy away with. That’s no thanks to the numerous firms who have abused its potentials. What was initially seen as the salvation of many struggling small firms has been turned into a tool for con artists and

Advantage At The Whiteboard

How can you share information and show ideas to your peers? Are you fed up with not getting recognized, and not getting the respect you deserve?

If you’ve had it with feeling like ‘nobody gets it’…now you have a choice. Learn new ways to connect with your audience. Show your ideas clearly to linear and non-linear communicators.

Many subject matter experts and leaders are shocked and delighted when they discover adult learning theory. This is a powerful area of communication that a lot of professionals have not been introduced to. However, once you learn the basics, you’ll know how to win attention and get the respect you deserve.

Today, many people are heading to a whiteboard to present ideas, sell solutions and make an impact. Strangely, only a few seem to be using the principles of how adults learn. This leads to mistakes, problems and poor practices that hold sellers back.

Instead of languishing in the backwaters of poor whiteboard selling skills, leverage these insights to get ahead. Your competition won’t know what happened…you’ll move forward so quickly.

It’s really all about balance. Here are the 3 secrets to unlock unstoppable success.

Hiring Sales Representatives

Hiring sales representatives to be able to support on marketing as well as selling the merchandise is a great thing that every single businesses needs to consider regarding increasing their own productivity. Probably this might became an appealing thing in which generating sales is one of the parts of the business. You must agree a sales person possess many unique abilities which not really everyone has. Here you can find some information’s making you think hiring a sales rep is a best idea.

First of all of the advertising sales representatives have been well skilled how to sale an item. They understand the need of the item, prospect, expectations of the customer as well as the current demands in the market. They well learn how to make someone turns into the purchasing thoughts and for that they would come up with a well designed sales presentation in order to get purchase leads.

Contracting the particular sales reps positively makes you to spotlight the future of your business and not the existing business. While it was not thus possible to spend the entire time along with your business to help on developing like creating appointments, making cool

Tips for a Killer Whiteboard Sales Story

1. Get Visual

When working at a whiteboard, go visual. Show your product, process, service, solution in pictures and words. Don’t make the mistake we’re seeing on a lot of whiteboards.

You know the ones. The ones that are covered from top to bottom with words. If your whiteboards are entirely filled with words, you’re missing tremendous opportunity. You’re missing the chance to show your solution in pictures that everyone will instantly understand.

2. Actively Incubate

The creative process includes an incubation phase. This is referred to with lots of interesting terms from ‘soaking’ to ‘noodling’ to ‘letting it simmer.’

Whatever terms you use, allow for incubation time in planning your whiteboard sales story. Go for a walk. Visit a park. Talk to a friend from outside of work. Do something other than sitting at your desk, hammering at the keyboard.

If you’re used to putting in the hours, now it’s time to give yourself a break. Go outside of your office. Let the ideas incubate. You’re not looking for answers. You’re investing in distraction.

3. Wild Output

As the third

Way Deliver a Winning Sales Presentation

In order to deliver a winning sales pitch you need to make sure that you do the following:

1. Define a Clear Objective

Firstly, you need know what you want to achieve from your sales pitch. It’s not always to make the sale so make sure that you work out carefully what is your main objective for the presentation.

2. Know the Benefits of Your Offer Inside Out

Benefits sell, features push people away, it’s a known fact. In order to stand a chance during your presentation, you need to focus on the first and only touch on the latter. Remember that what matters to your prospect the most is how they can gain from your offering. And, it is the benefits that will answer that question for them.

3. Ask Questions

Someone once said that you can easily spot a sales champion, just look for the ones that ask smart questions. Questions set the tone for your meeting, they also get the prospect talking and that’s the most important thing for you. If you can get your prospect to tell you everything

Success Through B2B Lead Generation

Securing success in business is constantly a difficult journey. It involves a lot of dedication, time, money, effort, and analysis. Besides, reaching the top requires a step-by-step endeavor. The same is true with B2B lead generation. Achieving success demands one step at a time.

Business-to-business (B2B) lead generation is just the start of the many steps in the whole sales process. What comes after this can be as crucial as the start. Never ever assume that once qualified leads are generated, the sales process will end.

Though the sales leads show interest in buying, it doesn’t follow that they are ready to buy. Prospects that are sales-ready will come only in a small percentage of the total leads generated. It is therefore your responsibility to take care of the other leads. Lead nurturing is the major cause how to convert prospects into closed sales.

Think of applying these steps to have the best chance of being successful in your efforts. Each step is different from the other.

Step 1. Distribute information immediately. To make them feel that they are valued as customers, let it be a habit to keep them updated. Educate them by