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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Sales Team Training Meetings

One activity that is part of running a direct sales business is to hold regular team training meetings. As the owner of the business, you would hope that your team would be motivated to come to the meetings just to take in the helpful information that you will be offering. But the thought of a team sales meeting can work to de-motivate sales people if they are not fun. Making sure that your team meetings are fun so that the consultants continue to come back is essential. If there is one thing that your team will not tolerate is a boring team meeting. That is why you should consider using themes for your next meeting.

When you use a theme for your team training meeting, you build anticipation for the meeting among your sales people. Preparing for a theme can also make the meeting more fun for you. When you send out the invitations to the team sales meeting, use that moment to plant the seeds of anticipation for your upcoming training session. “Fight the Tumbleweeds” Meeting Theme Generating revenue during traditionally slow parts of the year can be a challenge. If you want to put together a training session that helps your sales professionals gather business in the off months, then use an Old West theme. Put the picture of a tumbleweed on the invitation and let your sales people know that your training session will help them clean up their one-horse town and bring income back to their wallets.

The tumbleweed represents the prospects of low sales and the solution is your training session. “The Buffet” Meeting Theme In the direct sales business, it is important that each consultant maximize revenue at every event. Use the image of a buffet as the line of products laid out for the customers to choose from. Your training session will show your sales people how to use add-on sales to increase revenue. It is like someone piling on items at a buffet. The more interested the customer is in the products, the more she or he will want them. You could even hold the meeting at a buffet restaurant to drive the point home. One of the ways that you can entice your sales team to attend a training meeting is to tease them with a theme. When you use a training meeting theme, it can be easier to grab your team’s interest and help them to remember the material you are teaching. Stay focused on one topic per meeting, and create a theme that your team will never forget.

Telemarketing for Appointment Setting

Business enterprises nowadays are obviously in a very tight bind. The world is still recovering from the effects of the US financial crisis and this makes it even more difficult for companies today to be up and run smoothly. As we all know, tough times call for tough measures. And speaking about tough measures, searching for an advertising model that will snatch an appointment setting for the firm is probably one of the most common. But of course it has to be the one that will cost less and yet still be able to produce the same quality of results. Fortunately, we do have one. It’s been around for many years, and yet it’s been the most misunderstood. It’s called telemarketing.

Many people these days view telemarketing with a heavy dose of disdain. It really can’t be helped. Telemarketing got a bad reputation with the people as a disturber of the peace, and it’s a perception that is hard to shy away with. That’s no thanks to the numerous firms who have abused its potentials. What was initially seen as the salvation of many struggling small firms has been turned into a tool for con artists and other scams to steal money from unsuspecting people. That’s how bad things had turned phone marketing into.

It’s just a good thing that things are being done to correct it. Professional telemarketers go to great lengths just to clean up their ranks, making sure that only responsible and professional people are allowed to take even a single phone call. With the government passing laws to protect people from unscrupulous telemarketers, private citizens can finally have some privacy for themselves. A good example of this kind of federal legislation is the creation of a Do Not Call list. Now, con artists and other criminals will not be able to freely call people anymore, lest they end up in the wrong side of the law.

As for professional telemarketing itself, lead generation and appointment setting has become a more common need from telemarketers. Telemarketing services nowadays are more engaged in business to business, or B2B, transactions. This is a very lucrative venture for telemarketers and the businesses they serve. In the first place, they can get the proper reaction from the people they call. And since businesses are also in need of other businesses to trade with, then telemarketers can be the perfect middlemen for this.

Besides, other marketing tools cannot achieve the same level of market penetration compared to what telemarketing can do. Do business owners spend their time watching television or listening to the radio? Nope. They are busy people who can only be reached by phone. Now this is where telemarketing comes into play. TV and radio can only do so much, but if you really want to gain some foothold in the business you’re interested to trade with, then it’s telemarketing for you. Executives and other decision makers prefer talking directly to the promoters so that they can make a quick decision over the matter. And telemarketers are the best at that. That’s the beauty of such an often understated tool.

So where does that leave you? Appointment setting and lead generation is possible with telemarketing, and it doesn’t take a genius to tell us that this job is the perfect fit for telemarketing. It can catch the attention of people, since the phone is constantly ringing. It has this personal touch that many people favor when something is being advertised to them. There’s that magic in the craft where you can elicit a positive response from people whom you call by name. And there’s no running out of firms who are willing to work with you. Many are already reaching out to firms in need of an effective advertising tool. The only thing that remains is for people like you to reach back at them.

Advantage At The Whiteboard

How can you share information and show ideas to your peers? Are you fed up with not getting recognized, and not getting the respect you deserve?

If you’ve had it with feeling like ‘nobody gets it’…now you have a choice. Learn new ways to connect with your audience. Show your ideas clearly to linear and non-linear communicators.

Many subject matter experts and leaders are shocked and delighted when they discover adult learning theory. This is a powerful area of communication that a lot of professionals have not been introduced to. However, once you learn the basics, you’ll know how to win attention and get the respect you deserve.

Today, many people are heading to a whiteboard to present ideas, sell solutions and make an impact. Strangely, only a few seem to be using the principles of how adults learn. This leads to mistakes, problems and poor practices that hold sellers back.

Instead of languishing in the backwaters of poor whiteboard selling skills, leverage these insights to get ahead. Your competition won’t know what happened…you’ll move forward so quickly.

It’s really all about balance. Here are the 3 secrets to unlock unstoppable success.

1. Go Linear

Like falling in love, many people jump into whiteboarding and only see the drawing. They draw and sketch with abandon.

But that’s the problem. They abandon and alienate linear thinkers. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Clear sketches, thoughtful diagrams and organized charts appeal to linear thinkers. If you’re speaking to a room of analytic thinkers, explain what you’re doing. Title your whiteboard. And engage in focused, clear organization of your story.

2. Go Non-Linear

Here’s the other side of the love affair. In the search to use the whiteboard, many people only write words. This verbal, linear approach just creates a gigantic writing surface. That’s not using the whiteboard for maximum creativity.

To use non-linear approaches, use visual frameworks. Some examples include cluster maps, mind maps, and circular charts. These structures provide non-linear organization for information.

If this sounds like a foreign language to you, don’t worry. It’s easy to learn about information frameworks in an online training or onsite class. Many teams find this is the exact aspect of whiteboard effectiveness that was eluding them. Once learned, skeptics and critics put down their nay saying…and pick up a marker.

3. Balance Creativity and Discipline

If you’re looking for a mantra or slogan to post on your wall…this could be it. Balance creativity and discipline.

It’s true in every performing art, presentation and communication. More adults prefer to be involved in learning, working with peers and applying learning to real-world problem solving.

When you use the principles of adult learning to design your presentation, you have the keys to unlock exceptional results. Participation. Collaboration. Ownership of ideas. Listening. Innovation.

Instead of designing passive presentations where you’re up in front preaching…do something radically different. Design presentations with the audience in mind. Create opportunities to get people engaged and involved. Organize mini-events within your timeframe for peer sharing and story telling. Solve real problems that will make a difference for people in your audience.

As leaders, subject matter experts and sales presenters do this, what can you expect?

Audiences will expect you and your sales force to balance linear and non-linear approaches. They’ll look for a blend of creative input and disciplined productivity. And they won’t settle for passive presentations or relying exclusively on slides to share information.

Presenting and selling at the whiteboard is a rapid way to unlock participation. You’re sketching and writing while the audience watches. This is remarkably engaging, entertaining and focusing.

Get the attention, respect and results you’re looking for. Use these 3 secrets in your next whiteboard presentation-and watch for dramatic impact and top evaluations.

Hiring Sales Representatives

Hiring sales representatives to be able to support on marketing as well as selling the merchandise is a great thing that every single businesses needs to consider regarding increasing their own productivity. Probably this might became an appealing thing in which generating sales is one of the parts of the business. You must agree a sales person possess many unique abilities which not really everyone has. Here you can find some information’s making you think hiring a sales rep is a best idea.

First of all of the advertising sales representatives have been well skilled how to sale an item. They understand the need of the item, prospect, expectations of the customer as well as the current demands in the market. They well learn how to make someone turns into the purchasing thoughts and for that they would come up with a well designed sales presentation in order to get purchase leads.

Contracting the particular sales reps positively makes you to spotlight the future of your business and not the existing business. While it was not thus possible to spend the entire time along with your business to help on developing like creating appointments, making cool calls and trying to sell the product to some potential customer, hiring any sales representative is recognized as the best idea to enable you to focus about things mandatory for long term business and also growth.

Mostly the particular media sales representatives through bock and associates were highly motivated on generating sales which was their career. Most of these sales people were passionate regarding sales plus they can effortlessly convince anyone and get the industry done. Yet it is advisable to hire the particular advertising product sales representatives who have been self encouraged and looking forward to particular business.

The media sales representatives know well that they’re going to get paid according to the improvement within the sales from the product which is based on commission. In real they are getting paid for their performance. Also there’s no need to worry about having large upfront cash for hiring the sales representatives while you are able to hire them in a reasonable price.

In several cases you have to pay through the hourly schedule additional for the commission on their behalf if they will work additional time. Since the particular salary with the advertising sales representatives are usually much low when compared to the returns with the income from the products sold, it is considered as an excellent decision about hiring them for the business.

Thus you can even have the chance of motivating the revenue staff and may offer rewards for the best performing publishers representatives. Helping via organizing and also educating the actual sales associates, probably you are able to increase the particular productivity and also growth of your business. You also can use the most effective performers because the training person for that other product sales staffs leading to a great environment that may developed being a benefit-able a part of your company.

Generally the term sales contain some procedures to follow. You need to organize as well as schedule calls, appointments, feedbacks and also everything linked to sales. It is important for each and every sales person as it’s the key for his or her success. These procedures provide them with opportunity of new selling generation, lead technology creating excellent relationship with the customer.

Finally employing sales representatives such as publishers representatives as well as bock and associates is a good decision for that growth of one’s business. It holds true in reality whereas the merchandise are difficult for explaining to the customers and you need less costly way to improve the sale of the product.