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Hiring B2B Telemarketers

If telemarketing is considered the backbone of a business then telemarketers or phone marketers are the lifeblood of the company. This means. these people are the ones who fuel the company to keep growing. But the thing is, you should not only hire any telemarketer easily since you can’t expect just anybody can handle the phone and get good results. Always take into account that an important component for your successful B2B telemarketing company is searching and employing the right type of people.

Once your firm has a clear view of its goals, the next step would be to develop and consider a specific role for the telemarketers that you would hire for your lead generation program. After developing the role for your future representatives, you will then want to determine which would be the right skills and personality for your soon to be agents in order to fulfill their roles and meet the overall objectives of your firm. For you to meet these requirements, try to answer these questions before hiring applicants.

Will the personnel that you hire have that certain level of understanding for your company, its products and its services?

Make sure you hire future employees that would have the right idea and information about your company, the industry that it is in, and the product and services that you offer. Hiring employees that have a substantial knowledge about the company is a plus and you should consider hiring these people as top priority. Although there are some applicants that may have known a little about your company, make sure that these people can grasp further knowledge easily.

Should they have extensive knowledge about familiar software such as Microsoft Office or any other CRM software?

Another plus when planning to hire new employees to your firm is that they should have at least an intermediate knowledge about familiar software like Microsoft Office or any other CRM related software. This would ensure you that these people are easier to work with and can also handle their jobs and tasks with minimal supervision.

What would be the least requirements that your applicants should have?

Determine the level of difficulty of tasks that will be bestowed to your applicants in order to set minimum requirements to those who want the job. Some of the minimum requirements that you may want to consider is their age group, educational attainment, and job experience in the past.

What would be the right attitude that they must possess in order to complete tasks?

The people that you will be hiring should be work oriented at all times in order to have that right mindset to complete several tasks and jobs. Also as the saying tells us, patience is a virtue, so better employ new people who got enough patience. You don’t want employees talking to your in an angry manner to your future business partners just because of your employee having a short fuse.

What would be the level of maturity for your employees?

The people that you will hire should have that degree of professionalism in order to produce better business relationship with your affiliates and B2B leads. The representative managing these responsibilities should always know how to manage and nurture your current affiliates and leads for better business results.

Aside from these questions, future employees for your firm should have qualities such as work drive, empathy, self-esteem, correct mindset, and service motivation.

The Benefits of a Lead Nurturing

The process of Lead Nurturing is the one businesses use to develop queries into prospect leads. It maintains the very fragile relationship between the business and its customers through constant engagement in communication. When done right Lead Nurturing can help convert prospect leads into sales ready customers. It creates a strong bond between the business and its potential customers with the target in mind to get those potential customers towards a successful completion and through the complexities involved in completing a sale.

Persistent and quality communication is the key to achieve a good number of sales conversions and hence Lead Nurturing processes cannot be ignored or taken lightly. With the added benefits from the use of the internet, businesses now have an improved medium of communication via email services. With the rise of social media platforms there is a tremendous improvement in marketing your products and services added to that is the fact that now your products have an easier access towards being marketed over a global platform through several communities that you may not have been able to reach before.

Time, effort and resources are spent annually toward Leads Generation as without customers no business could survive. Tracking the progress of every lead is not physically possible as it would cost too much and would involve more work as compared to the possible profits to be gained out of them. Lead tracking is where most business fall short as tracking every lead is very tasking and is quite commonly ignored by sales teams. The worst aspect of this wastage is that the leads are most likely to side with your competitors when ignored, so you are not just achieving losses but you are helping your rivals make some profit.

Automated Lead Nurturing software will automatically deliver all marketing material to the customer, the very material that would help them in making a sale with your business. It simplifies the process of communicating with the customer through a multichannel delivery system. It assigns leads with scores so that your sales teams are made aware what leads to focus on. It addresses individual customer’s needs, sends out email with up to date product information, conducts surveys for improvement, etc. Seems too good to be true? This was just a brief insight to what automated Lead Nurturing software can do, the full picture is far brighter.

Sales Team Training Meetings

One activity that is part of running a direct sales business is to hold regular team training meetings. As the owner of the business, you would hope that your team would be motivated to come to the meetings just to take in the helpful information that you will be offering. But the thought of a team sales meeting can work to de-motivate sales people if they are not fun. Making sure that your team meetings are fun so that the consultants continue to come back is essential. If there is one thing that your team will not tolerate is a boring team meeting. That is why you should consider using themes for your next meeting.

When you use a theme for your team training meeting, you build anticipation for the meeting among your sales people. Preparing for a theme can also make the meeting more fun for you. When you send out the invitations to the team sales meeting, use that moment to plant the seeds of anticipation for your upcoming training session. “Fight the Tumbleweeds” Meeting Theme Generating revenue during traditionally slow parts of the year can be a challenge. If you want to put together a training session that helps your sales professionals gather business in the off months, then use an Old West theme. Put the picture of a tumbleweed on the invitation and let your sales people know that your training session will help them clean up their one-horse town and bring income back to their wallets.

The tumbleweed represents the prospects of low sales and the solution is your training session. “The Buffet” Meeting Theme In the direct sales business, it is important that each consultant maximize revenue at every event. Use the image of a buffet as the line of products laid out for the customers to choose from. Your training session will show your sales people how to use add-on sales to increase revenue. It is like someone piling on items at a buffet. The more interested the customer is in the products, the more she or he will want them. You could even hold the meeting at a buffet restaurant to drive the point home. One of the ways that you can entice your sales team to attend a training meeting is to tease them with a theme. When you use a training meeting theme, it can be easier to grab your team’s interest and help them to remember the material you are teaching. Stay focused on one topic per meeting, and create a theme that your team will never forget.

Telemarketing for Appointment Setting

Business enterprises nowadays are obviously in a very tight bind. The world is still recovering from the effects of the US financial crisis and this makes it even more difficult for companies today to be up and run smoothly. As we all know, tough times call for tough measures. And speaking about tough measures, searching for an advertising model that will snatch an appointment setting for the firm is probably one of the most common. But of course it has to be the one that will cost less and yet still be able to produce the same quality of results. Fortunately, we do have one. It’s been around for many years, and yet it’s been the most misunderstood. It’s called telemarketing.

Many people these days view telemarketing with a heavy dose of disdain. It really can’t be helped. Telemarketing got a bad reputation with the people as a disturber of the peace, and it’s a perception that is hard to shy away with. That’s no thanks to the numerous firms who have abused its potentials. What was initially seen as the salvation of many struggling small firms has been turned into a tool for con artists and other scams to steal money from unsuspecting people. That’s how bad things had turned phone marketing into.

It’s just a good thing that things are being done to correct it. Professional telemarketers go to great lengths just to clean up their ranks, making sure that only responsible and professional people are allowed to take even a single phone call. With the government passing laws to protect people from unscrupulous telemarketers, private citizens can finally have some privacy for themselves. A good example of this kind of federal legislation is the creation of a Do Not Call list. Now, con artists and other criminals will not be able to freely call people anymore, lest they end up in the wrong side of the law.

As for professional telemarketing itself, lead generation and appointment setting has become a more common need from telemarketers. Telemarketing services nowadays are more engaged in business to business, or B2B, transactions. This is a very lucrative venture for telemarketers and the businesses they serve. In the first place, they can get the proper reaction from the people they call. And since businesses are also in need of other businesses to trade with, then telemarketers can be the perfect middlemen for this.

Besides, other marketing tools cannot achieve the same level of market penetration compared to what telemarketing can do. Do business owners spend their time watching television or listening to the radio? Nope. They are busy people who can only be reached by phone. Now this is where telemarketing comes into play. TV and radio can only do so much, but if you really want to gain some foothold in the business you’re interested to trade with, then it’s telemarketing for you. Executives and other decision makers prefer talking directly to the promoters so that they can make a quick decision over the matter. And telemarketers are the best at that. That’s the beauty of such an often understated tool.

So where does that leave you? Appointment setting and lead generation is possible with telemarketing, and it doesn’t take a genius to tell us that this job is the perfect fit for telemarketing. It can catch the attention of people, since the phone is constantly ringing. It has this personal touch that many people favor when something is being advertised to them. There’s that magic in the craft where you can elicit a positive response from people whom you call by name. And there’s no running out of firms who are willing to work with you. Many are already reaching out to firms in need of an effective advertising tool. The only thing that remains is for people like you to reach back at them.

Advantage At The Whiteboard

How can you share information and show ideas to your peers? Are you fed up with not getting recognized, and not getting the respect you deserve?

If you’ve had it with feeling like ‘nobody gets it’…now you have a choice. Learn new ways to connect with your audience. Show your ideas clearly to linear and non-linear communicators.

Many subject matter experts and leaders are shocked and delighted when they discover adult learning theory. This is a powerful area of communication that a lot of professionals have not been introduced to. However, once you learn the basics, you’ll know how to win attention and get the respect you deserve.

Today, many people are heading to a whiteboard to present ideas, sell solutions and make an impact. Strangely, only a few seem to be using the principles of how adults learn. This leads to mistakes, problems and poor practices that hold sellers back.

Instead of languishing in the backwaters of poor whiteboard selling skills, leverage these insights to get ahead. Your competition won’t know what happened…you’ll move forward so quickly.

It’s really all about balance. Here are the 3 secrets to unlock unstoppable success.

1. Go Linear

Like falling in love, many people jump into whiteboarding and only see the drawing. They draw and sketch with abandon.

But that’s the problem. They abandon and alienate linear thinkers. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Clear sketches, thoughtful diagrams and organized charts appeal to linear thinkers. If you’re speaking to a room of analytic thinkers, explain what you’re doing. Title your whiteboard. And engage in focused, clear organization of your story.

2. Go Non-Linear

Here’s the other side of the love affair. In the search to use the whiteboard, many people only write words. This verbal, linear approach just creates a gigantic writing surface. That’s not using the whiteboard for maximum creativity.

To use non-linear approaches, use visual frameworks. Some examples include cluster maps, mind maps, and circular charts. These structures provide non-linear organization for information.

If this sounds like a foreign language to you, don’t worry. It’s easy to learn about information frameworks in an online training or onsite class. Many teams find this is the exact aspect of whiteboard effectiveness that was eluding them. Once learned, skeptics and critics put down their nay saying…and pick up a marker.

3. Balance Creativity and Discipline

If you’re looking for a mantra or slogan to post on your wall…this could be it. Balance creativity and discipline.

It’s true in every performing art, presentation and communication. More adults prefer to be involved in learning, working with peers and applying learning to real-world problem solving.

When you use the principles of adult learning to design your presentation, you have the keys to unlock exceptional results. Participation. Collaboration. Ownership of ideas. Listening. Innovation.

Instead of designing passive presentations where you’re up in front preaching…do something radically different. Design presentations with the audience in mind. Create opportunities to get people engaged and involved. Organize mini-events within your timeframe for peer sharing and story telling. Solve real problems that will make a difference for people in your audience.

As leaders, subject matter experts and sales presenters do this, what can you expect?

Audiences will expect you and your sales force to balance linear and non-linear approaches. They’ll look for a blend of creative input and disciplined productivity. And they won’t settle for passive presentations or relying exclusively on slides to share information.

Presenting and selling at the whiteboard is a rapid way to unlock participation. You’re sketching and writing while the audience watches. This is remarkably engaging, entertaining and focusing.

Get the attention, respect and results you’re looking for. Use these 3 secrets in your next whiteboard presentation-and watch for dramatic impact and top evaluations.

Hiring Sales Representatives

Hiring sales representatives to be able to support on marketing as well as selling the merchandise is a great thing that every single businesses needs to consider regarding increasing their own productivity. Probably this might became an appealing thing in which generating sales is one of the parts of the business. You must agree a sales person possess many unique abilities which not really everyone has. Here you can find some information’s making you think hiring a sales rep is a best idea.

First of all of the advertising sales representatives have been well skilled how to sale an item. They understand the need of the item, prospect, expectations of the customer as well as the current demands in the market. They well learn how to make someone turns into the purchasing thoughts and for that they would come up with a well designed sales presentation in order to get purchase leads.

Contracting the particular sales reps positively makes you to spotlight the future of your business and not the existing business. While it was not thus possible to spend the entire time along with your business to help on developing like creating appointments, making cool calls and trying to sell the product to some potential customer, hiring any sales representative is recognized as the best idea to enable you to focus about things mandatory for long term business and also growth.

Mostly the particular media sales representatives through bock and associates were highly motivated on generating sales which was their career. Most of these sales people were passionate regarding sales plus they can effortlessly convince anyone and get the industry done. Yet it is advisable to hire the particular advertising product sales representatives who have been self encouraged and looking forward to particular business.

The media sales representatives know well that they’re going to get paid according to the improvement within the sales from the product which is based on commission. In real they are getting paid for their performance. Also there’s no need to worry about having large upfront cash for hiring the sales representatives while you are able to hire them in a reasonable price.

In several cases you have to pay through the hourly schedule additional for the commission on their behalf if they will work additional time. Since the particular salary with the advertising sales representatives are usually much low when compared to the returns with the income from the products sold, it is considered as an excellent decision about hiring them for the business.

Thus you can even have the chance of motivating the revenue staff and may offer rewards for the best performing publishers representatives. Helping via organizing and also educating the actual sales associates, probably you are able to increase the particular productivity and also growth of your business. You also can use the most effective performers because the training person for that other product sales staffs leading to a great environment that may developed being a benefit-able a part of your company.

Generally the term sales contain some procedures to follow. You need to organize as well as schedule calls, appointments, feedbacks and also everything linked to sales. It is important for each and every sales person as it’s the key for his or her success. These procedures provide them with opportunity of new selling generation, lead technology creating excellent relationship with the customer.

Finally employing sales representatives such as publishers representatives as well as bock and associates is a good decision for that growth of one’s business. It holds true in reality whereas the merchandise are difficult for explaining to the customers and you need less costly way to improve the sale of the product.

Lead Management

The two truths about businesses without a doubt are, to start a business you need capital and to keep it going you need leads. It goes without saying how important leads are for businesses and hence it is very necessary and quite essential for the business to have an efficient Lead Management system to ensure maximum productivity from the Leads Generation process with the least amount of wastage. Hence each and every business has some kind of Lead Management process in place to maintain a certain level of profitable productivity. There is an important need to track of prospect customers, current clients and other sales details and very imperative to have a system in place to help assist you with this. It is manually next to impossible to keep track of all these details and hence automated Lead Management software is quite a trending topic in the world of leads. This management software is nothing more than just an application that will help you organize and keep track of your leads in a manner that is customized to your specific needs to ensure that your work flow is as smooth as possible. The software is customizable to fit your business needs no matter what size you’re business is or the magnitude of its reach.

So what does the automated Lead Management software do? It creates a database of your potential customers using a multichannel sensory system. It collects data generated off your businesses website, data off search inquiries and most importantly from social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, etc. It is equipped to track who could be potential customers from links they click on and can also track what pages related to your business they have viewed and also for the duration the said page was viewed for. Its main benefit is its lead tracking abilities. Sales teams tend to lose track of potential leads in their quest to follow hot leads, this software will help them with the tracking so they can have all their focus on perusing the hottest leads without the concern of leads getting wasted. So to sum it up, what Leads Management software simply does is it everything you do, just more efficiently with minimum wastage.

Tips for a Killer Whiteboard Sales Story

1. Get Visual

When working at a whiteboard, go visual. Show your product, process, service, solution in pictures and words. Don’t make the mistake we’re seeing on a lot of whiteboards.

You know the ones. The ones that are covered from top to bottom with words. If your whiteboards are entirely filled with words, you’re missing tremendous opportunity. You’re missing the chance to show your solution in pictures that everyone will instantly understand.

2. Actively Incubate

The creative process includes an incubation phase. This is referred to with lots of interesting terms from ‘soaking’ to ‘noodling’ to ‘letting it simmer.’

Whatever terms you use, allow for incubation time in planning your whiteboard sales story. Go for a walk. Visit a park. Talk to a friend from outside of work. Do something other than sitting at your desk, hammering at the keyboard.

If you’re used to putting in the hours, now it’s time to give yourself a break. Go outside of your office. Let the ideas incubate. You’re not looking for answers. You’re investing in distraction.

3. Wild Output

As the third stage, it’s now time to focus on outputs. This is a highly experimental zone. No bad ideas. No judgments. Just output.

In terms of creative thinking, this is often called the zone of wild ideas, brainstorming and creative collaboration. If you want help, get input from people on your team. Ask for collaborative output on ways to share your story.

4. Verify

This is the testing phase. It’s time to make decisions. Which idea will work within the timeframe-with this specific audience?

Verifying includes making decisions, selecting an option, practicing, rehearsing, getting feedback and refining. It’s not an instant thing.

Think of it as a critical phase. This is where you’ll work through your choices at a whiteboard, practice with a test audience, and make adjustments.

What’s the value of using these 4 phases of creativity? You’ll discover that creativity is fun. Instead of being a hassle or another thing on your overflowing to-do list, creative thinking is a critical aspect of successful sales presenting.

With a disciplined and creative approach to presenting, you’ll continuously improve. You’ll come up with new ideas faster and easier than others. You’ll try things out. Some you’ll reject. Others you’ll keep and strengthen.

Additionally, you’ll have a roadmap for building creativity across your sales teams and across your organization.

Now, the curious thing is…once you start consciously being creative, you can’t stop. It’s just too much fun and too rewarding.

Way Deliver a Winning Sales Presentation

In order to deliver a winning sales pitch you need to make sure that you do the following:

1. Define a Clear Objective

Firstly, you need know what you want to achieve from your sales pitch. It’s not always to make the sale so make sure that you work out carefully what is your main objective for the presentation.

2. Know the Benefits of Your Offer Inside Out

Benefits sell, features push people away, it’s a known fact. In order to stand a chance during your presentation, you need to focus on the first and only touch on the latter. Remember that what matters to your prospect the most is how they can gain from your offering. And, it is the benefits that will answer that question for them.

3. Ask Questions

Someone once said that you can easily spot a sales champion, just look for the ones that ask smart questions. Questions set the tone for your meeting, they also get the prospect talking and that’s the most important thing for you. If you can get your prospect to tell you everything you need to know about their plans for the purchase, you can get much closer to achieving your objective.

4. Include Sales Objections in Your Pitch

One of the most powerful sales techniques is to predict your prospects sales objections and then simply include them into your presentation along with your solutions and to do that before they even had a chance to voice their concerns.

5. Follow Up After the Presentation

It is actually quite rare that a prospect would buy right at the presentation, therefore have a follow up plan ready. Make sure that you arrange the next follow up call or email with the prospect and that you do not stop unless you get the sale or a total rejection.

A sales presentation is probably the most exciting part of the selling process. It is also the most difficult one so make sure that you work on my advice above and incorporate it into your sales pitches to make sure that you do all the right things.

Success Through B2B Lead Generation

Securing success in business is constantly a difficult journey. It involves a lot of dedication, time, money, effort, and analysis. Besides, reaching the top requires a step-by-step endeavor. The same is true with B2B lead generation. Achieving success demands one step at a time.

Business-to-business (B2B) lead generation is just the start of the many steps in the whole sales process. What comes after this can be as crucial as the start. Never ever assume that once qualified leads are generated, the sales process will end.

Though the sales leads show interest in buying, it doesn’t follow that they are ready to buy. Prospects that are sales-ready will come only in a small percentage of the total leads generated. It is therefore your responsibility to take care of the other leads. Lead nurturing is the major cause how to convert prospects into closed sales.

Think of applying these steps to have the best chance of being successful in your efforts. Each step is different from the other.

Step 1. Distribute information immediately. To make them feel that they are valued as customers, let it be a habit to keep them updated. Educate them by giving information about the company, the services it offers and product specifications. Serve them well by being respectful and at the same time professional. Respond to their inquiries as fast as possible. However, don’t push them to purchase. Connect with them to create relationship and to build trust.

In addition, it would be very helpful to:
a. learn beforehand the right answers to diverse questions.
b. store information in a computer database to send it via email or downloads.
c. have enough supply of printed materials.
d. keep sales and marketing people prepared. Step 2. Nurture leads by responding to all inquiries.It would be an advantage to possess a computerized marketing database. This is a tool useful in responding swiftly to inquiries. It is a law to all firms not to make the customers wait.

Step 3. Identify what kind of leads your firm is targeting.Determining what kind of B2B leads the company is in need of is a golden rule. No one would waste their time on customers who will never buy the product. In this case, let the marketing and sales people identify which of the leads generated are the qualified sales leads.

Step 4. Analytically and critically process lead distribution to sales.After separating the qualified leads from those who are not, it is a must to concentrate on the qualified leads. As stated earlier, it would do no good if efforts are directed to customers who decided not to buy. Lastly, ensure that is easily accessible for the sales team the leads being distributed.

Step 5. Innovate a program that would nurture the not-yet-qualified leads?Leads that are not yet qualified can be potential prospects in the future. It is highly recommended that you will create a program that would nurture these leads. Uphold the principles of building trust and be committed in exercising the entire endeavor.

It is then better that a separate team must keep in touch with those not-yet-qualified leads. Cold-calling, unlike other mediums, is more effective to generate responses. Let it be frequently made.

Step 6. Establish a program to keep keep a close eye on the results from each process that was taken.Having a program that could measure and track the outcome will be essential to evaluate the success rate of the lead generation process. This program includes an identification of costs (per lead and per sale), know which efforts worked and determining whether the entire lead generation is profitable.

Because leads are the life blood of the organization, monitoring the progress of these programs must be made habitually. Moreover, correcting and enhancing these undertakings will be of extreme importance in achieving success in a B2B lead generation.

Never forget, all it takes is just one step at a time.