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Sales Team Training Meetings

One activity that is part of running a direct sales business is to hold regular team training meetings. As the owner of the business, you would hope that your team would be motivated to come to the meetings just to take in the helpful information that you will be offering. But the thought of a team sales meeting can work to de-motivate sales people if they are not fun. Making sure that your team meetings are fun so that the consultants continue to come back is essential. If there is one thing that your team will not tolerate is a boring team meeting. That is why you should consider using themes for your next meeting.

When you use a theme for your team training meeting, you build anticipation for the meeting among your sales people. Preparing for a theme can also make the meeting more fun for you. When you send out the invitations to the team sales meeting, use that moment to plant the seeds of anticipation for your upcoming training session. “Fight the Tumbleweeds” Meeting Theme Generating revenue during traditionally slow parts of the year can be a challenge. If you want to put together a training session that helps your sales professionals gather business in the off months, then use an Old West theme. Put the picture of a tumbleweed on the invitation and let your sales people know that your training session will help them clean up their one-horse town and bring income back to their wallets.

The tumbleweed represents the prospects of low sales and the solution is your training session. “The Buffet” Meeting Theme In the direct sales business, it is important that each consultant maximize revenue at every event. Use the image of a buffet as the line of products laid out for the customers to choose from. Your training session will show your sales people how to use add-on sales to increase revenue. It is like someone piling on items at a buffet. The more interested the customer is in the products, the more she or he will want them. You could even hold the meeting at a buffet restaurant to drive the point home. One of the ways that you can entice your sales team to attend a training meeting is to tease them with a theme. When you use a training meeting theme, it can be easier to grab your team’s interest and help them to remember the material you are teaching. Stay focused on one topic per meeting, and create a theme that your team will never forget.