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Ways to Lose a Sale

1. Eat while talking on the phone! This will definitely help you lose a sale! Instead: Don’t eat while talking on the phone. This lends true to all telemarketers, quick follow-up calls, returning client calls-anytime you are on the phone with a prospect or a client, make sure your mouth is empty. Even chewing gum creates a distracting sound for someone on the other end of the line. When your mouth is full of food it becomes difficult to understand your words, the chewing sound is gross and annoying, and it is blatantly obvious that whoever you’re on the phone with is less important than your turkey sandwich.

2. Assume you know better than the customer. It never works when you act superior or smarter than the person you’re trying to work with. Instead: Practice excellent customer service! Listen to your prospect or client. Really hear what they like, don’t like, need and want. Follow their lead and allow them to direct the conversation. However, remember you are an expert in your field and know your services and products. After you completely understand your prospects needs and expectations, advise them on your product or service most suited to them. Have a two-way discussion, not a one-sided sales pitch.

3. Forget your manners. People are still offended by off-color jokes, bodily sounds and poor grammar.

Instead: Behave as if you’re on your first date. Do not offer your opinion on sensitive or controversial subjects. Do not belch or pass gas, even if you’re in telemarketing in a room by yourself! Your prospect should be treated with dignity and respect-they will return the favor. Use proper language; save the slang for hanging out with your buddies on the weekend. Remember, if you’re in sales or telemarketing, you’re also in customer service. Do not lose a sale because you are guilty of the afore-mentioned fouls. Sales executives must always follow the golden rule if they want to close the sale: Treat others how you want them to treat you. Now, go win that sale with exceptional customer service, I mean great sales tactics!