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Ways to Make Buyers Buy

1.Get a better font – if you are going to send your prospects an e-mail or brochure about your company, you better be sure that your font style is saying what you want. Studies show that ornate, cursive font styles often turn off prospects because of their perception that you are not efficient, or that you are slow. That is not something you would not want your prospects to think about you, right? In order for you to grab that sales lead, better clean up your letterings.

2.No Dollar signs, please – another turn off that has been seen in recent times is the emphasis of some people, especially those in business to be price conscious. They tend to become less willing to spend when they see a currency sign, or even a decimal point. Try omitting these (just make sure that you can clarify your charges easily with them) and you can get more prospects willing to spend on your business.

3.Engage the senses – sometimes, you just have to get to their senses. This is especially true if you are directing them to your business website. Facts and numbers are good, but if you can engage their senses, like their hearing, theirs sight, even their touch or speech, and you have more likely than not succeeded in getting your business leads.

4.Being responsive – prospects like it if the people they ask knows the answer, as well as answering promptly. By providing channels for your prospects to call you back (in case you missed them in your telemarketing call), you can get to their good side. You should give it a try.

5.Get a good story out – sure, business prospects like to see the number and the facts, but our brains are wired to put a story through them. If you can put your dots and dashes together into a coherent piece of an idea, in effect telling a story, then you will find it easier to get business to listen to what you are offering to them. Craft a content that they can relate to.